Most of my images are shot in ULTRA-HIGH resolution.  They are also not subjected to the blurring of a "low pass" filter found in most cameras.  My photos resolve at the sharpest and highest detail possible with todays cutting-edge professional camera.  Unfortunately your monitor cannot come close to the resolution that these images offer.  

If you want your images to seemingly pop off your wall, I strongly recommend our metal prints. The image above shows how they look on my wall.  They come READY TO HANG.  The metal process imbeds the image into the metal surface for the most vibrant and detailed prints I've ever made.  Moreover, the metal prints are durable and can be wiped with a soft cloth.  To best take advantage of these razor sharp images, we offer a variety of extra-large print products as well as multiple image panels which do NOT appear on this website.  For HUGE sizes up to 48"x96" or multi panel prints from 3-9 separate panels hung with a 1" gap between create a stunning pattern effect from a single image.  You can also fill a wall for a much lower price than an 8 foot wide single print.  Just send a message from the "contact" page.


I hope you visit again soon to see my latest shots.

Greg Fombelle